Heidi Glück

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Heidi Glück is a communication expert with over 25 years of experience in counseling leading companies, in Austria, governments and international corporations. The emphasis is laid on strategic communication, crisis communication, reputation and image building, campaign development and media consulting. Heidi Glück has worked as a freelance journalist before managing the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ORF) public relations, for ten years. In 2000 she became spokesperson and strategic advisor to the Austrian chancellor. Since 2007, she is the owner of the communication consultancy company "Heidi Glück spirit & support" and the speaker agency "Top Speaker".

Lectures, Opinion Pieces, TV-Interviews, Speeches.

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Karin Strobl MA

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Karin Strobl has been working as a Senior Consultant at Heidi GLÜCK spirit & support since 2018, where she focuses on public relations, crisis communication, strategic communication and public affairs. Previously Karin Strobl worked as a journalist for 20 years at various papers, including the Kronen Zeitung, Österreich and Heute and she held the position of editor-in-chief of Regionalmedien Austria. In 2015, following the completion of her international master's degree in International Media Innovation Management, she started as Head of Communications at the Green fraction in Parliament.

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Haike Fischer

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Haike Fischer manages the organization and administration of the company, maintains its customer contact database, coordinates appointments and travel for all staff, and acts as the first point of contact for client enquiries. Ms Fischer is also in charge of the online platform "Top Speaker“, verifies contracts, and managing social media marketing. For over 10 years she has used her considerable diplomatic skill and distinctive organizational talent to support Heidi Glück in all the administrative processes of the company.

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Angelika Feigl

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Angelika Feigl supports our team since 2020. Through her previous activities, she is well connected in the political, media as well in business circles. Angelika Feigl was the spokesperson of Werner Faymann during his time as Minister of Transport and followed him, as he became chancellor of Austria. After her time at the Federal Chancellery, Angelika was in charge of the arts and culture agenda in the office of Minister Josef Ostermayer. As of 2018, she has established and organized a top-class CEO congress.

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