We are experts in the field of communication and understand ourselves as strategic consultants for your request. We analyse and develop tailor-made strategies alongside comprehensive communication concepts. We are persistent when persuading, tough about the facts and truths and consequent, when it comes to the clarity of your message. In a dialogue, based on partnership, we offer you our extensive experience in advising high-level personalities in the field of politics and business. We are connected not only in Austria but also internationally.

Profile formation and performance

To be successful you need to be convincing. Your personal performance is a key variable in achieving your goals. Leaders in management positions need acceptance, the trust and respect from their employees. Together with you, we develop a clear profile and practice the best methods, necessary for an authentic presentation, and the required persuasiveness.

Strategic communication consultancy

If you are planning major projects and prepare far-reaching actions, you should anticipate, from the start, the internal and external information flows. We develop with you a strategy for a communication that relates closely to your business activities. We advise you on issue management and design an appropriate sequence of implementation steps.

Media advice

Reputation, prestige and success are also determined by your interaction with media outlets. The perfect media appearance requires an understanding of how the media works. We provide you with the know-how on media relations and how to deal with journalists. We coach you for appearances in front of large audiences and interviews.

Politics and Public Affairs

If your corporate objectives require public and therefore political acceptance, we have the necessary contacts and channels. We know where decisions are being made and the informal factors and mechanisms involved in the creation of laws.

Crisis communication

Crises come unexpected. A stable image, nurtured over many years, can vanish in a few days. Crisis management needs professional Public Relations during the crisis. Active communication is the key factor for limiting acute damage. We keep a healthy distance, convey expert knowledge, advise and support your crises unit in all media related tasks.

Public Relations

The dialogue of your company, your organization or your institution with the public is the foundation for a positive perception among target groups. We plan your public relations; working out the media concept, designing strategies and campaigns. Furthermore we design the corporate identity for your company.